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"When you learn teach, When you get give."
Maya Angelou
....this is how I live.

Wow. God you leave me speechless.
You’re divineness makes my trusting delightful.
You are from whom all blessings flow. 
Thank God for Jesus first, it’s the gratitude that leaves room for more, and then for the blessing that is baby golden. I am so proud of your then now & later & can’t wait to see the new pages of your prosperity. Follow God through the heart in you and you will never be lead astray. Talk about a praise report…..I am blessed to watch family be blessed. #thankful #BETSundayBest #JoyintheBenefitsofthecalling #GeoffreyGolden #BabyGolden #GodIsSoGood #TeamGolden #KingdomMusic go follow @geoffreygolden_fanpage !!!
I’m just here to help you get it.
I’m just here to help you get it.
As I said before. These RT repost & hashtags are not in vein. The media is skewering the stories & we have been forced to turn to our loved ones instagrams, FB, & twitters to find the ACTUAL & current happenings in #Ferguson America is failing us through media & action right now. We have to arm ourselves with the knowledge of truth. If RT, reposting, clicking and sharing is all you can do right now, DO THAT, through eyes of truth & love. When I think of the fact that I may be sharing the only truthful account of what’s happening there I have no choice but to stay glued to my phone. We have the opportunity to aid the voices of the unheard. #Ferguson #DontShoot #BlackLivesMatter #NoJusticeNoPeace #JusticeForMikeBRown #JusticeforEVERYMIKEMIKE #Nomoreofourbloodonthesestreets  I have been following @spookwrites & @awkward_duck for live tweets & updates.
When the motor city was burning.
It’s 2014……..where is the fire now? #Ferguson #handsup #DontShoot #MikeBrown #whatyearisit
Guys the exact location is 3rd & Indiana NW Washington there’s still time. repost for those lost. #WeareFerguson  #remixtherevolution
In times like these we need those on the platforms of our attention to say the things the world needs to hear. At this point there is no movie premiere, album release, celebrity break up that can distract us from this wound America continues to toss salt on as People of African descent. We can no longer look to the bully who gave us this wound to aid it properly. It is by our hands & hearts we are acknowledged celebrated & healed. Speak up for us, more importantly speak up for you & your brown babies, & cousins, brothers & sisters. Fight for them now! They’re future depends on our action. Personally I’m weary with words, because “I don’t have a gun, don’t shoot” & “I can’t breathe” didn’t work for my brothers gasping for their life. As of now, this is all I have, & with all I have, I will do & I’m praying you do the same.

Quit possibly the greatest cupcake on Earth. -@CupcakeTailor
Check out their other treats


Quit possibly the greatest cupcake on Earth. -@CupcakeTailor

Check out their other treats

#SpreadLoveChallenge #SpreadLoveChallenge

"When I love me, I can #SpreadLove to the world. And I do! So I will."

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Don’t do it for me! Do it for love❤️


Family PSA! PSA! PSA! please read completely and SHARE!

There is ALOT happening in this world right now. Heartbreaking things, where lives are not valued and respected, love is not expressed and shared for self, neighbor or family, and the internet is lurking at our fingertips with every answer we could think of EXCEPT what is ACTUALLY happening. Children are dying from gun violence, adults are dying from feeding and treating their mind and bodies carelessly, women are dying for attention and lacking love for themselves not knowing THEY are the steering guidance of our communities, Men are cowering at being leaders of the community because they are instead being targeted and killed by the powers that be…… & THEN theres TV & social media that has allowed us to soften our views on EVERYTHING and find any ignorant, degrading, disgusting, outrageous activity humorous for a few likes or a TL full of “like this if you…” “share if you seen this..” but these people will not part lips to speak to the same people they’ve had full conversations with through comments IN PERSON. MY POINT is we are distracted from the most important aspect of the life experience and that is TO LOVE
Love does not shoot its neighbor
Love does not disregard the value of its body
Love does not judge ones value based on skin tone
Love does not leave its family
Love does not hate man
Love does not hate woman
Love does not damage the earth
Love does not fear that which it doesn’t understand.
Love does not compete.
Love does not act out of malice.
Love is not unhealthy. 
Love does not disrespect. 
Love does not get even.

When we have rectified our worlds lack of love, we have taken the first step of making this world better, and it starts with you!! Love you so much that you have no choice but to ooze that love onto others. If we only did this much, this very minuscule action (that is actually not very minuscule at all) we would began to be the change we need to see in the world. 

I charge you with this after reading or liking this status,
1. Share it and do at least ONE kind thing for someone today. Express your love for yourself and your neighbor with a small gesture. ANYTHING a cup a coffee, a compliment, a biscuit from Bojangles ANYTHING. 
2. I charge you even further to do it for someone out of your circle. someone you never expected to talk. to. The teenager who always passes you with loud music and sagging pants. The old lady who never speaks when you greet her. The homeless man you pass regularly on the corner, The single mother of four you know in the community. No one is underserving of love.
3. You have NO requirement to share with me who or what you did just make a note of how it made you feel knowing you spread love today. And today and every day you conquer this challenge post the status:

"When i love me,I can #SpreadLove to the world. And I do! so i will “

#SPREADLove #SPREADLoveChallenge #Love #Spreadlove #Spreadlovechallenge #WhattheworldneedsisLOVE#WhattheworldneedsisYOU #LOVEYOU #LOVETHEWORLD#SPREADLOVE #SPREADLOVE #SPREADLOVE