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Don't Judge me.
I'm a damaged recovering undercover overlover.
Finest Creation of the most high.
Music adds color that paints my best world.
iAM woman hear me...SANNNNNGGG

Brown. Natural. Daddys Girl. Mommas world.
Radio Television and Film majorette ;)

"When you learn teach, When you get give."
Maya Angelou
....this is how I live.

The blessing that is Howard University continuously proves itself as does the blessing that is my family of @hgc1968 . Last night we had the honor of sitting & listening to wisdom from the great composer, writer, pianist, vocalist and original member of #HowardGospelChoir Richard Smallwood. He shared many gems about the industry, about writing, about coming into his own but most importantly about trusting that what God has ordained for you no man, no enemy, no lie, no mountain not even YOURSELF can keep you from it. I thank God for the greatness I’m surrounded by & the shoulders I stand on to be the same kind of great. I was full of emotions and gratitude that we had shared thoughts & feelings similar in doubting ourselves but learning to believe in Gods promise more than anything. Only creating THAT much more excitement for what?? #GloriusGodLiveRecording when?? #Oct4th where #CramtonAuditorium why? Because we serve a #GloriusGod How ?? With the help of #BigGod & you!! Be there!!
The excitement is far too real to contain. When I tell you my family is putting in W O R K for this recording. It’s basically show time, the countdown has begun!! I can’t wait to have hand in painting the picture of the Glorious God we serve. The goal is to meet the assignment, leave empty, & show through our own transparency who this Glorious God is & why you should want a little more of him. Don’t miss it!!! #tellyakids #tellyawife #tellyahusband #CuzhesSavingErrbodyouthere if you know you’ll be there repost & tag others who don’t know they will yet lol! Let’s pack cramton out guys! I. Can’t. Wait. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁


The light

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To the coolest person @
Howard University (next to my child ofcourse ) iluhh you like we’re besties lol HApPY BiRFDAY @yethekid !!!!
Excited is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!! As you all know I love my #HGC family in rehearsal out rehearsal, concerts, in the country & out & what we have already started doing this year has been phenomenal and on October 4th we are ready to share that with ALL OF YOU!!!  Save the date!! Share the love!! Celebrate the Wonder that is our Glorious God!! #HowardGospelChoir
Wow. God you leave me speechless.
You’re divineness makes my trusting delightful.
You are from whom all blessings flow. 
Thank God for Jesus first, it’s the gratitude that leaves room for more, and then for the blessing that is baby golden. I am so proud of your then now & later & can’t wait to see the new pages of your prosperity. Follow God through the heart in you and you will never be lead astray. Talk about a praise report…..I am blessed to watch family be blessed. #thankful #BETSundayBest #JoyintheBenefitsofthecalling #GeoffreyGolden #BabyGolden #GodIsSoGood #TeamGolden #KingdomMusic go follow @geoffreygolden_fanpage !!!
I’m just here to help you get it.
I’m just here to help you get it.
As I said before. These RT repost & hashtags are not in vein. The media is skewering the stories & we have been forced to turn to our loved ones instagrams, FB, & twitters to find the ACTUAL & current happenings in #Ferguson America is failing us through media & action right now. We have to arm ourselves with the knowledge of truth. If RT, reposting, clicking and sharing is all you can do right now, DO THAT, through eyes of truth & love. When I think of the fact that I may be sharing the only truthful account of what’s happening there I have no choice but to stay glued to my phone. We have the opportunity to aid the voices of the unheard. #Ferguson #DontShoot #BlackLivesMatter #NoJusticeNoPeace #JusticeForMikeBRown #JusticeforEVERYMIKEMIKE #Nomoreofourbloodonthesestreets  I have been following @spookwrites & @awkward_duck for live tweets & updates.
When the motor city was burning.
It’s 2014……..where is the fire now? #Ferguson #handsup #DontShoot #MikeBrown #whatyearisit